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Why Study Abroad?

See the world, experience a new culture, dive into a world-class education – and prepare for your global future. Nothing beats the immersive international experience you will receive while studying abroad.
You plus WCIEC EDUTECH equals a world of education opportunities

Why Study Abroad?

Applying to a medical university abroad can be both exciting and a little overwhelming as you’re making a decision that would fulfil your goals and advance your career. But there are always questions about MBBS abroad that can put you in a dilemma or sometimes even lead you to drop the whole idea of studying MBBS abroad altogether. At times like these approaching WCIEC EduTech will guide you through the MBBS abroad journey and help you make an informed decision.

Taking admission in any university be it MBBS in abroad can be a long, complex process leaving you with plenty of questions. What is the application deadline? What paperwork do you need to submit?, How do you get a student visa? Is the MBBS program in the particular country right one for you? Which country is safe for girls? Which college has 5 year or 6 year MBBS curriculum? and so on

Our admission counsellors can help you with all of these questions and more. Whether you need consistent support while applying to study MBBS abroad or just have a few questions while deciding the MBBS destination, our academic counsellors provide a myriad of information to prospective students conveniently choose their MBBS abroad country and also take care of the admission process.
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As your education partner, we can take care of everything from advising you on course selection and applications, to helping you secure the correct visa and anything else you need (like health cover for instance) and your transportation.

We’ve developed strong working relationships with many of our university partners, and can even offer scholarships to deserving students to help offset some of the costs of studying overseas.

Choosing WCIEC EDUTECH means you can focus on planning your new life while we take care of all the paperwork.

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Course info, counselling, scholarships, application service and transportation.

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Success is our reputation for excellence.

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We work directly with university for admissions to ensure your application is a priority.

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We have your best interests at heart. Get all the info to make the best decision possible.
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We have paved the education journey for many students so they can enjoy their student life to the fullest across the globe. Find out what they have got to share with us.

I Studied MBBS in Jalalabad State University. WCIEC EDUTECH helped me a lot in many ways. They made it easy for me to get admission in the university. Getting MCI Eligibility, stamping visa, booking flight tickets, travel arrangements, and till I reached the university they took very good care of me and the service was awesome. Anytime, any help WCIEC EDUTECH. came up with a bright smile to do the needful.

Vishnu Selvakumar
JASU Alumni

6 years of life here in Jalal-Abad not just guided us to the heavenly profession, it molded the personalities too.

I accede without any objection that, you will learn how a situation is to be dealt in the reality. Through the Amount of confidence, we gained here, we feel like we can deal and heal through any situation on this planet earth.

The continuous care and concern shown by our entire WCIEC EDUTECH here in Jalal-Abad was supportive. Life was comfortable here, is just because of them. ALL CREDITS TO THEM.

Dr. Praneeth
JASU Alumni