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WCIEC organizing MBBS Guidance Seminar today in Coimbatore

June 24, 2023by WCIEC EDUTECH0
Attention all aspiring medical students and concerned parents!
WCIEC had the privilege of organizing a highly informative and enlightening MBBS Guidance Seminar today in Coimbatore. We were honored to host Dr. Kenzhekulov Kubanychbek, an esteemed representative from Kyrgyzstan, who provided invaluable insights into pursuing MBBS studies in renowned universities such as Jalal-Abad State University (JASU), Central Asian International Medical University (CAIMU), Osh International Medical University (OshIMU), and Osh State University (OshSU). With his expertise and experience, Dr. Kubanychbek expertly guided students and parents through the admission process, curriculum details, and the immense opportunities available in Kyrgyzstan. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to kickstart your medical career!

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